Halloween Ghost Stories from Detroit’s Twisted Storytellers

he Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers performers Satori Shakoor, Amy Jackson and Monica Sholar bring us some frightening stories (some based on true events) to set the scene for this year's Halloween in metro Detroit.

In Above the Law by Amy Jackson, a corrupt lawyer tries to escape justice by hatching an elaborate plan to breakout of a local jail. In Satori Shakoor's Halloween Spirit, she shares a personal account of how sometimes the scariest things on Halloween in Detroit are not the undead. And in Monica Sholar's Don't Mess with 'Them,' Scholar tells of the dos and don'ts when dealing with ghosts in your home. Caution: Read at your own risk!

Want to experience The Society of Twisted Storytellers live? See them on Oct. 16 at Funny Bone: an evening of stories so funny that you'll rattle your bones with laughter at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History in Detroit. The event starts at 7 p.m. Cost is $16. For more information, visit TwistedTellers.org.

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