Headwrap Expo & Fashion Show returns to metro Detroit

ashion icons like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys have brought headwraping into the spotlight in recent years, but the trendy cultural wear has a captivating history in its own right.

The Headwrap Expo & Fashion Show aims to educate on the cultural significance of headwraps as well as provide an entertainment-filled day complete with fashion shows, health and wellness workshops and one-of-a-kind shopping.

“In the world we live in with so much fear and misunderstanding, we have to be really intentional in breaking down barriers,” event founder Zarinah El-Amin Naeem says. “Head wrapping is a global art and a really powerful tool to create that sense of understanding.”

The expo will hold a different fashion show every hour, including a collection featuring Islamic modest fashion. Presentations by the Arab American National Museum and the Nation of Islam drill team, in addition to a wrapping session geared toward men, are also planned.

Naeem says that one of the most popular events in the past has been the interfaith panel, which boasts representatives from religions including Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.


“It’s a look at the intersection of fashion and faith,” Naeem says. “Exploring something like fashion and faith is pretty unique. It’s much bigger than just fashion-it’s a wonderful learning experience for youth and adults alike.”

This year, the cultural bash will feature a workshop on the business of cultural fashion led by Nigerian artist Segun Gele. Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to ask Gele for tips on growing a profitable fashion-based enterprise.

“We have been trying to get [Segun Gele] for the last three years. Here’s someone who has a passion and skill and figured out how to monetize it,” Naeem says.

The Headwrap Expo & Fashion Show is a family-friendly convention. Specialized wrapping for youth and a bead station will be available.

“We make sure the event is for everyone,” Naeem says. “Everyone who loves culture, meeting new people and colorful artistic experiences-this expo is for you.”

The Headwrap Expo & Fashion Show will be held at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn on September 25 from 1-8 p.m. Tickets are $20 at the door. For more information visit headwrapexpo.com.

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