Kristina “The Glam Tech” Beaty Spins Strands of Splendor

hair art

We’ve seen hair sculptures before. They’re usually displayed on head forms or models and, artful as they may be, still meant to convey intricately styled hair. And we’ve seen fashions made from hair instead of fabric, but rarer are creations made to stand on their own as art pieces – that just happen to made from hair.

Kristina “The Glam Tech” Beaty wants to expand our idea of “hair art” and force us to consider it within the realm of fine art. Instead of pieces only fitting in a temporary exhibition on hair, she says she wants her work to be able to come home with you and live among your favorite pieces.

Beaty created a black-and-white collection for her latest exhibition “Wavelengths,” displayed last September at Détroit is the New Black during the Detroit Month of Design, which included two wall hangings, two lamps and a 6-foot standing sculpture of whimsically arranged blocks, all made from hair.

She’ll showcase again this September, this time with the help of a grant from Design Core Detroit. She says of her work, “It can just be art. It doesn’t have to have a historic reference, or it doesn’t have to be attached to a head. It can just be appreciated for its beauty.”

Studio Glamour, 15007 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe Park



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