Lagos in Southwest Detroit offers taste of Nigerian BBQ

agos is restaurateur Tunde Wey's spicy take on Nigerian barbecue. And the new dining concept is already generating a positive buzz for its bold flavors among metro Detroit foodies with an adventurous palate.

A sample menu includes dry rubbed beef (suya) with peanuts and ginger served on a spit, rice pilaf (jollof) and a spicy spinach (egusi) with pumpkin leaves and ground melon seeds. Currently operating in a banquet space in southwest Detroit, the atmosphere during meals is casual and familiar, even among strangers-a signature of Wey's.

"With Lagos, it is about being irreverent without being offensive. I love things to be informal. But I am also very sensitive to people's sensibility," says Wey, who is also from the Nigerian city Lagos. "So I think the restaurant is an opportunity to be that. It's also an opportunity to have a good time."

Wey says the menu is a blend of Yoruba and Igbo cooking styles. Or simply: "Just cuisine from where I am from." And yes, it is very spicy. But he says people can stand the heat with proper pairings.

"People who are coming to eat at Lagos don't really have an idea of what they are going to eat. So we are just going to take the meals that complement each other and serve them family style."


Lagos is located at 4114 W. Vernor Highway in Southwest Detroit. For more information, visit

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