Life of a Detroit Hip Hop Artist: SHAH33D

SHAH33D has been making a name for himself with his lyrical trap style and his music has massed over a million streams across music platforms. He has been gaining recent attention for his singles: “PUSHHH,“ “Winner’s Box” and “Disconnected.”

Detroit-bred hip hop artist, SHAH33D, is a verified rapper with over a million streams. Growing up in a vibrant birthplace of Motown Records, he was exposed to many types of music that shaped him into the artist he is today. His grandfather’s legacy — being part of the famous Four Tops — lives on in his music. As he listened to his arrangements growing up, including his favorite Four Tops’ song, “I Can’t Help Myself,” he was inspired to write his own music and discover what style resonated the most.

SHAH33D has been making a name for himself with his lyrical trap style and his music which is popular on various music platforms. He has been gaining recent attention for his singles: “PUSHHH,” “Winner’s Box” and “Disconnected.”

BLAC spent the day with SHAH33D and experienced the life of a true Detroit hip hop artist.

What’s your morning regime?
Six mile and Livernois right in the center of Detroit is where it all starts for me. When I wake up, I like to meditate for 5–10 minutes and practice breathing exercises to set the tone of the day, then I’ll make myself a smoothie strictly with fruits or vegetables, choosing my ingredients based on my needs. After my self-care practice, I check my phone to see what’s poppin’ in the world. This includes checking on my investments in the stock market and cryptocurrency, returning calls, texts and brainstorming on new ideas to create wealth. 

What grooming products do you use?
For my skin, I use black seed oil and almond butter infused with organic sea moss, and I recently started using a grooming kit that contains beard and hair oil called “ Black Water.” I prefer to use shea butter soap, fluoride free toothpaste and Toms deodorant.


Do you do anything for his voice every morning?
If I ever lose my voice after a show, I’ll drink hot lemongrass tea or raw lemon juice.

Where do you like to go for breakfast in Detroit?
Hands down, my favorite breakfast spot is Noni’s Sherwood Grille on Livernois Ave. Their pancakes and eggs are amazing.

What is your workout?
I work out 3–4 days a week. I prefer to do full body workouts instead of splitting my days up between arms, legs, back, etc. My workout style is calisthenics training, which means I use my own body weight to build functional strength instead of using weights. Full body exercises allow me to build muscle, endurance, stamina and overall functionality. When I want to add more resistance to my training, I’ll put on a 12 pound vest to run a mile or two, then start my actual workout. My favorite place to run in the city is Palmer Park or Sherwood Forest. Jogging down 7 mile rd going east towards Woodward is truly peaceful. 

When does your day usually get started?
My day normally gets started around 10 a.m. depending what time I go to sleep. If I go to bed early, I wake up early. If I go to bed late, then I wake up late.

Who’s on your playlist?
Right now I’m listening to JID, Young Roc from Detroit, B.O.B, Brent Faiyaz, Tee Grizzley, Earthgang, Conway the Machine, Saba, Thundercat, Bad Bunny, Ari Lennox, Sabrina Claudio, and Dwele.

What’ in your neighborhood that inspires you?
Seeing how much of my area has gentrified and the property values are low, I’m inspired to buy property in my neighborhood to rent out units to family and other hard-working Detroit residents.

What time do you hit the studio?
My studio times vary depending on my schedule. I’m a night owl, so I prefer late night sessions starting around 8pm-12am. I’ve found that my creative ideas flow once the world quiets down, in the late evenings or early mornings between 2am-4am. One thing I love about Detroit is that I can go to my favorite studio in Harmonie Park and there’s always a slot open for me to record. 

What are your rituals before a performance?
I like to warm up with a few squats and stretches. If there is time, I make sure to hit up Trap Vegan on the west side to grab a nice veggie burger. Those foods get me ready to hit the stage because I burn a lot of energy with all the jumping and crowd interactions I do.

How do you unwind after a day?
My go-to strategy to unwind is having a cup of hot tea while playing my PS5. I play Grand Theft Auto 5, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or World War Z for hours. If my friends are online, I will also indulge in Fortnite. My perfect unwinding routine means no phones, nobody nagging in my ear, or people bothering me, so I can truly relax. Other days I would drive down to Belle Isle and chill or take a stroll down the River walk watching the boats pass. Being a few hundred feet away from Windsor, Canada is still an amazing sight to see every time.

What motivates you every day?
The feeling of accomplishing something great that will leave a mark in history is what motivates me on the regular. I want to leave a legacy … not just for my family but for the world at large. I want to leave something of value behind and be someone who leaves an indelible mark on the culture, like Tupac.  

What inspires you every day?
I’m inspired by the same things that motivate me. I think they go hand in hand.

Favorites places to go shopping in Detroit?
Fairlane Mall is one of my favorite spots because it has a variety of stores I like. I frequent Journeys because I like exclusive kicks like Supras and Macy’s because they’re always offering promotions on clothing I like. I also like to support the local shops like the luxury hat store on 7mile and Livernois, the guy’s name is Chase and sells custom fitted hats for $100, and I love them!

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