Michigan Opera Theatre Prepares for an Unconventional Season

Michigan Opera Theatre

Even in a pandemic, the stage manages to pirouette its way into our imagination – to shock, mesmerize and enfold us in something quite exceptional. At least, that can be said of Michigan Opera Theatre’s upcoming fall season.

In a daring act, MOT will deliver a nontraditional 2020-21 season, which will include innovative performances, alternate locations for outdoor and indoor performances, and socially distanced seating. Perhaps the most alluring part of this season is MOT’s 9,100-square-foot deck that covers the Detroit Opera House’s main level.

“For several years, MOT has rented a deck from Levitation Staging for use in the Opera House, and it has become a highly preferred feature for events and weddings, including our own annual gala,” says MOT president and CEO Wayne S. Brown.

“During this time of social distancing, we are pleased to acquire our own deck that offers a permanent solution for providing enhanced staging options for our guests and events.” A nontraditional production season may seem weird, but other venues are also adapting. In July, Disney+ released the hit Broadway musical Hamilton for viewers at home – without the shame that comes from singing along off key.

Because MOT has partnered with the National Sanitation Foundation International, an organization that works to improve global human health, patrons also can be assured that MOT is committed to meeting governmental safety standards. Brown says, “Art flourishes during challenging times, and these current social distancing guidelines provide creative opportunities for us to present opera and dance in exciting new ways.”



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