Motor City Black Age of Comics Swoops into Action

lack superheroes – and heroines – are on the rise, but sadly, comic book conventions for and by people of color have rarely taken flight.

The ninth annual Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention, heading to Wayne State University’s campus Nov. 18, is one answer to filling this void. Comic book geek culture has long had a darker hue, and this con puts it in the limelight.

"Motor City Black Age represents the community around us – we appeal to those who are voiceless in the geek world," says Andre Batts, the con’s co-founder and creator of Detroit-based Urban Style Comics. "Even those that look like us walk right on by us at the bigger cons. At the bigger cons, we may not even be seen, but at the Black Age, everyone is seen and supported."

Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention

11 a.m.-6 p.m. Nov. 18 • $5


Wayne State University

Ballroom Student Center

5221 Gullen Mall, Detroit


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