Music by Detroit Artists for a Summer Playlist

Do you remember what you did last summer? Neither do we. But the music sure was dope, rolling out several sacred summer anthems from albums like Magna Carta … Holy Grail (July 2013) and Born Sinner (June 2013), while finding Yeezus (June 2013) along the way. The only thing missing was some authentic music made in the Motor City.

Allow us to fill the void this summer with our Detroit-centric playlist …

'One Thing in Common' by K'Jon

Put on this newly released mid-tempo R&B jam at your neighborhood barbecue and let the summer fun unfold. File under: "groove music." Out this summer. Available on iTunes.


'Keep It Moving' by Insite The Riot

Allandra Bulger originally thought her stage name Insite The Riot was too "abrasive." But then she found meaning in the "revolution in our thinking" (RIOT). And suddenly everything made sense.


Look for her to roll out music from her new album, Girl Meets Beat, this summer–but until then, experience your own musical riot with our playlist favorite, "Keep it Moving."


'Take Ya Time' by Mr. Cliffnote

Rapper Clifton Perry, (that's Mr. Cliffnote to you!), is on to something good with his gangsta rap style that doesn't hold back on the gritty details of living in the "Dirty D." Before adding him to your music queue, see him live at Midtown's The Old Miami June 26.


'Motor City Blues' by Volcano

On Chris "Volcano" Fortson's Graffiti Symphony (out this month), chaos is cut with class. Fresh off his Outstanding Hip-Hop MC Detroit Music Award, Fortson-with the backing of his versatile band, The New Radio Standard-is able to seamlessly switch from hip-hop mayhem to Motor City blues. Meaning: verbally outspoken, lyrically creative and nationally outstanding (VOLCANO).

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