Naturally ILLustrated brings diversity to adult coloring books

heri curls, box braids, waterfall ponytails: You name it, Sherrie Savage has probably tried it over the years. At the moment, she’s wearing her natural hair texture, something that took a lot of time and research to figure out just how to maintain it.

This year, Savage found a way to blend her love of natural hair and her career in art after noticing the boom in adult coloring books. Her company, Naturally ILLustrated, brings diverse, urban-style art into this growing market.

“I wasn’t seeing any diversity in these coloring books,” Savage says. “I felt compelled to make my own so people can embrace their natural hair.”

Savage shares her favorite natural hair product recipes throughout the pages, and her designs are heavily inspired by graffiti art and culture.

“I was born and raised in Detroit. I’ve seen graffiti art even though I haven’t, myself, done any type of graffiti. I’ve mostly drawn on paper because I was too scared to actually draw on a building,” Savage says. “I’ve always admired the funkiness of graffiti, so I incorporated that into my coloring book.”


The first volume of the Naturally ILLustrated coloring book is out Sept. 10. You can order a copy online or buy one at Savage’s coloring contest/book release event 1-5 p.m. Sept. 10 at Good Cakes and Bakes at 19363 Livernois Ave. in Detroit.

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