Pop Art: New Black Books, TV and Movies

New Black books and movies


Between Freedom and Equality: The History of an African American Family in Washington, DC by Barbara Boyle Torrey and Clara Myrick Green

Between Freedom and Equality: The History of an African American Family in Washington, DC

In 1793, formerly enslaved African Capt. George Pointer purchased his freedom from the George Washington Potomac Company, after working as a boat captain and supervisory engineer (Georgetown University Press). Using a letter that he famously wrote concerning his feelings and challenges being free, Torrey and Green traced the stories and travels of six of Pointer’s descendants, exploring their trials as free Black people in an unfree land and how American history attempted to erase them.

Black Sci-Fi Short Stories edited by Tia Ross

Black Sci-Fi Short Stories

Who better to write about alternative views on society and the future than those who have been consistently left out of it (Flame Tree Collection)? Authors including Martin R. Delany, Frances Harper, Pauline Hopkins and W.E.B. Du Bois explore cloning, gene splicing and more, along with dystopian themes in this collection of Black perspectives about humanity’s future, with a touch of fantasy.

The Collection Plate by Kendra Allen

The Collection Plate

Award-winning poet and author Kendra Allen explores her inner thoughts and the emotional trials of being a Black woman in modern America (Ecco). This social commentary covers interconnected experiences related to race, relationships, sex and religion. Release date: July 6

TV & Movies

Space Jam: A New Legacy

The ’90s classic is back with a reboot, with LeBron James at the helm as captain of the Tune Squad (Warner Bros. Pictures). When James and his son Dom are trapped in a digital space by a rogue AI, he must lead Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes in a battle against the Goon Squad. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and also starring Don Cheadle. Release date (theaters, HBO Max): July 16


This documentary short follows star Amaree McKenstry-Hall, star football player at his high school, Maryland School for the Deaf (Netflix). Shaken by a friend’s suicide, he must navigate family and relationships while preparing for his final homecoming game. Release date: July 1


Resort to Love

Resort to Love

Set on an East African island resort, this rom-com is produced by Alicia Keys and stars Christina Milian, Sinqua Walls and comedian Jay Pharoah (Netflix). Erica (Milian) is an aspiring singer who lands a gig on the resort island, but, turns out, her ex-fiancé Jason (Pharoah) is getting married at the same resort. Erica gets roped into performing, and as secrets simmer, old flames rekindle. Release date: July 29

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