Public Art in Woodbridge

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oodbridge is a hotbed for public art. Thanks to Larry John, the developer behind Live In Woodbridge, and John Sauvé of Sauvé Art Foundation, there are plenty of sculptures to see while walking around the area.

Sauvé says John called him about doing public art for the neighborhood, so he gathered artists to create the sculptures and curated a show last fall.

Putting up public art, he says, “ensures you care.”

“It creates a dialogue with people who live there,” Sauvé says. “That dialogue that happens started from day one from the very first piece we put up. I met so many people throughout the Woodbridge community.”


John says it “promotes community” and he’s seen “a direct result” in the high demand for housing. Plus, he believes it could help stem crime.

“Do things positively in the neighborhood that will put more eyes and feet on the ground,” he says, and that’s the “best determent for crime.”

Sauvé says the current show of public art will be up until around fall 2014. There are pieces on Trumbull and Merrick and Putnam and Commonwealth.

Visit for a map, bios of the artists and a list of permanent installations and murals.

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