Rapper Icewear Vezzo Talks Hip-Hop Cred

apper Icewear Vezzo lives life through the lens of hip-hop opulence: Gold. Goons. Big bankrolls. And let's not forget-ice, buckets and buckets of ice.

But is being a rap star really all champagne poppin' and parties? Actually, Vezzo wouldn't know. He puts it humbly: "I ain't a star yet."

With the buzz of his recent mixtape (Solitaires: Drank God)-and his upcoming performance in the My Name Hold Weight tour (Jan. 18 at Masonic Temple) alongside rappers Future and Boosie Badazz-the Detroit native is certainly making his case for superstardom. But first we ask, exactly how much worth is in his weight.

What is the weight of Icewear Vezzo?

(Laughs) People pay attention to the way I move and what I say. My name hold weight in Michigan and the surrounding areas that adapt to that Detroit culture. Period. I got a big following from the ghettos to the colleges. You know what I mean? That's power. Power is weight.

According to your Instagram, your life is one big party. How true to reality is that?

I party a lot. (Laughs) But I'm kind of lame, too. I'm the type to watch TV, smoke and chill. I have fun though.


Another reoccurring theme is 'ice.' How much jewelry does one rapper need?

I mean, I can't speak for other rappers, but I love jewelry. I want all the ice in the world.

What's the last piece you bought?

I just bought a 600-gram gold Cuban chain. Cost me about $14,000. I wanted a 1,000 (gram), but, you know, I'm not ballin' like that.

With every local rapper claiming Detroit is 'mine,' is the city big enough?

I swear I did not feel like there was room, but there really is. We got different people that like us. We don't even clash.

You have a lot of tattoos. What was the last tattoo you got?

I got a tattoo that says "blessed" on my forehead.

On your forehead! Why blessed?

I'm feeling blessed and I want the world to know.

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