Red Bull House of Art welcomes industrial artist Coby Kennedy

New York-based artist Coby Kennedy deals in the often unspoken and unaddressed dynamics of media’s influence on modern social entitlement and problematics of self image.

Kennedy, a professional industrial conceptual designer, is one of three artists currently in residence at the Red Bull House of Art in Detroit. His craftsmanship was featured in shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Japan and Europe, and he has received the One World Award, the Civil Society Institute Fellowship and the Gold Camera Award from his work with film.

“I realized there was a wide flock of people that really haven't lived life and haven’t lived as an artist. Everything they know about art is what their art history teachers told them in undergrad,” Kennedy tells BLAC. “Truthfully, a lot artists out there everything they know about life is what their art history teachers told them in undergrad.”

When Matt Eaton, director of the Red Bull House of Art, reached out to Kennedy asking him to take up residence, Kennedy was instantly on board. “It literally took me three seconds to decide — like hell yeah, I'll be there.”

At Red Bull House of Art it’s more than just a space for artists to create in. The project’s mission is to change the lives of artists. Eaton says, “By changing the way both individuals and communities alike interact with artists, we help to craft a more harmonious, productive and fruitful cultural landscape for everyone. Where we excel is in our dedication to ongoing relationships and meaningful conversations with the broader arts and culture community.”


Kennedy says that his art blends together the “grey area between fine arts and industrial design.

“The work touches on Kurzweilian issues of The Singularity, as well as exploring often overlooked global issues of social class, power and influence as it exists today, has existed in the past, and as it will exist tomorrow,” he adds.

Kennedy’s residency is three months. “It's a great amount of time to get situated and have enough time to really crank out some work that you're really shooting for,” he says.

After his stay in Detroit, Kennedy is off to South Africa for an art show there. But, he says, “I'm getting hooked on a lot of aspects about Detroit. One of the coolest things about this place is that, it can enable people to really be able to do what they're trying to do creative wise.”

For more on Coby Kennedy’s stay at the Red Bull House of Art, click here.

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