Science Gallery Detroit Sets Up New Exhibit, FUTURE PRESENT

Science Gallery Detroit

During Detroit Month of Design and beyond, Science Gallery Detroit, a collaborative art hub backed by Michigan State University and Science Gallery International, will present its new free exhibition FUTURE PRESENT: Design in a Time of Urgency.

“A core component of design is finding creative solutions to complex challenges,” says Science Gallery Detroit director Devon Akmon. “Our team has taken an innovative approach to designing timely and relevant exhibits in Detroit while presenting exciting and informative programs to a global audience through a range of collaborative partnerships.” FUTURE PRESENT is the third installment in SGD’s annual exhibition series, and it touches on the impact of design in general, design during systemic change, and initiatives for a sustainable future.

With the help of their smartphones, guests will walk through a tour that includes videos, audio clips and images to augment exhibition content. To ensure safety, SGD mediators – a team of young adults charged with fielding questions – will work remotely through telepresence robots.

The exhibition will feature 16 national and international artists, scientists and researchers, along with four commissioned pieces from Detroit-based emerging artists, including Laura Gibson, a recent graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art.

On her website, she says she’ll focus on investigating vacant homes, schools and public buildings displaced by “blight, environmental conditions and ways of gentrification.” Guests will enjoy a 40-minute experience, 30 at a time, and you must reserve a ticket to ensure a spot. And plan to wear a mask throughout.


Sept. 11-Dec. 11 • @scigallerydet

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