Sweets and Coffee: Two Metro Detroit Shops to Visit

onyell Farrah-Teal is proud to call herself an "organitarian." It’s a way of life that differentiates her bakery, Piece of Cake Cafe in Southfield, from many others.

All the delicious delights-many vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free or all of the above-are made from natural ingredients, including the popular Millionaire Bar, which consists of oatmeal, organic raw honey, organic peanut butter and is topped with Italian chocolate. This is one of Farrah-Teal's favorite treats, but the sweet potato spice cookie and pretzel cake aren't shabby, either. She says the benefits are well worth the couple extra nickels.

"It costs in your health if you're not taking care of your body."

Visually, Farrah-Teal wanted to incorporate her love of art (she used to run a gallery) into the café's décor. Walk in and you're met with a stylish collection of pink, silver and white-oh, and a chandelier.

In late March, try two decorating classes: "Build a Cupcake" for kids and "Cupcake Date" for grown-ups. Visit March 24 for Cupcakes, Champagne and Sweet Conversations, a networking event.



18308 W. 10 Mile Road, Southfield


Crave coffee with your sweets?

t's easy to pass a lot a lot of things on Eight Mile-unless the sign is massive and lit in neon. But with a closer look you’ll spot Detroit Vintage, an eclectic coffee and teahouse here since 2013.

While only open weekends-save poetry nights on first Fridays-it manages to pack a punch. Its owner, Pamela Duvall, has filled the place with antiquities. The coffee is local, roasted here in Michigan. The teas are hand picked, and there’s an assortment of pastries, too.

Sure, it has all the typical trappings, but it's a small oasis. Outside Detroit, Eight Mile is an Eminem movie; for locals, it's strip clubs and dispensaries. Who knew a coffee shop could be out of the ordinary?


10335 W. Eight Mile Road, Detroit


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