Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas With A Detroit Spin

here's no replacing turkey as Thanksgiving's leading lady. But, when prepared well, side dishes can be equally impressive in their supporting roles. Here are three ways to update your dinner spread.

Making a Nigerian meat pie

Generally speaking, bringing a "homemade" pie to dinner is reserved for guests who can't actually cook. But you won't find this at your local 7-Eleven. Nigerian meat pie is bumpy and buttery at its best, with a hearty flavor that says: "No. Really. I made this." Local proprietor and Nigerian native Tunde Wey-whose latest Detroit-based culinary pop-up is From Lagos-shares a recipe that will have your family and friends giving thanks, to you.

What's in it:

  • Irish potatoes, carrots,
  • minced meat (we used beef),
  • onion, thyme, salt to taste

Marshmallows Sweet Artisan Mashmallows in Detroit

The best thing about these made-from-scratch marshmallows is the variety of flavors-Faygo Rock & Rye, chocolate chipotle and roasted sweet potato chai, to name a few-so they complement any dessert. Available at the new SWEET Artisan Marshmallows café and candy store on Detroit's east side, these billowy treats could elevate your last course to cloud nine.

Jalapeno corñbread from Rubbed BBQ Pub in Detroit

Rework grandma's age-old cornbread recipe into something young and hot with jalapeños. This concoction comes from Rub BBQ Pub, but any family recipe can be dressed up just as good. Just remember to go easy on those peppers.


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