“The Best Man” Series Drops in December 

Peacock announces the release date for “The Best Man: Final Chapters”

“The Best Man: Final Chapters.” (Left to right) Terrence Howard as Quentin, Taye Diggs as Harper Stewart, Harold Perrineau as Julian Murch, Morris Chestnut as Lance Sullivan. Photo courtesy of Peacock.

If you’re a fan of “The Best Man” movie franchise, you’re in for a treat this year’s holiday season! The final chapters of the story are being released as a limited series on Peacock, and we’ve got the first official images from the show.

Peacock has just announced that a limited series based on the film, “The Best Man: The Final Chapters,” will premiere on December 22, 2022. The series “will catch up with the beloved cast as relationships evolve and past grievances resurface in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis meets midlife renaissance.”

Still from the upcoming “The Best Man: Final Chapters” released by Peacock to tease the series’ release in December 2022. Photo courtesy of Peacock.

“Here we go! The band is back together! I am very excited to bring these iconic characters back to the fans who have supported us through this franchise,” Lee, the series director, said when the first announcements of the series were released. “We are thrilled to deliver everything one would expect from this group of friends in ‘The Best Man’ universe and take them through their final chapters. We can’t wait! I told you it wouldn’t be 14 more years.”

The 10-episode series will reunite the original cast, including Regina Hall (Candace Murchison), Morris Chestnut (Lance Sullivan), Taye Diggs (Harper Stewart), Harold Perrineau (Julian Murchison), Melissa De Sousa (Shelby Taylor), Terrance Howard (Quentin Spivey), Sanaa Lathan (Robyn Stewart), and Nia Long (Jordan Armstrong).

“We’re excited to reunite this beloved cast for a limited series run of The Best Man for Peacock,” Susan Rovner, Chairman for Entertainment Content at NBCUniversal, said.


This announcement comes almost six years after the third film in “The Best Man” series was originally scheduled for release in 2016. The film was never produced due to scheduling conflicts with other projects led by Universal Studios.

But fans can now rejoice! We will surely have something to watch out for this coming holiday season.

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