The PBA Royal Brand Brings Arts and Education to Detroit Area Communities

PBA Royal

Pageant Bianca Atterberry, the owner of PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School and its Royal Summer Camp, is bringing the joy of children’s activity back into the Detroit streets. Based in the Cody-Rouge neighborhood on the west side of Detroit, Atterberry says, “I want people to understand our mission is we will get you there, no matter where you want to be in the performing arts and sports realm, we will get you there.”

PBA Royal School serves a large community of students from age 3 to adults in their late 20s. Students sign up to train in cheerleading, basketball, dance, theater, modeling, etiquette, beauty pageantry, music, media production and more. They not only focus on teaching students the talent, they are also dedicated to building self-esteem, communication, career skills and teamwork.

Starting in the basement of a recreation center in 2008, Atterberry was no stranger to performing arts. Growing up, her parents kept her busy with activities like modeling, cheerleading, pageantry and more. She has hosted beauty pageants in Flint, Detroit and in between.

She says, “When you are a kid, you think every household is like yours, but when you get out in the world you see that’s different. There are some kids that have never taken a dance class or gone to a Little League game. I said, ‘I am going to bring that to the city.’”

The Royal Summer Camp is dedicated to ages 6 through 12, runs from June through August and provides the same performing arts classes as they do in the arts and training school. Every day the children will go on field trips offering horseback riding, skating, bowling, swimming and gymnastics.


They will also explore the Michigan Science Center, and nature and beaches at Michigan’s beautiful Metro Parks. The camp sets aside 30 minutes for empowerment session with their campers, and Forgotten Harvest provides meals throughout the day for the students. 

Registration is open now. “I want brown and Black kids to see representation – that is what PBA Royal is all about. We understand all kids aren’t into performing arts and sports, but these opportunities exist,” Atterberry says. “We want to be of service.”  

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