Tips for Creating the Perfect Pie Crust

here's a reason pies are the holidays' most popular party favors.

"It can so clearly represent what's going on in the market at any particular time of year," says Lisa Ludwinski, owner of Sister Pie. "So for the holidays, that means winter squash, cranberries and apples!"

Stop in to Sister Pie's new corner bakery in West Village, created and designed with the help of Detroit-based architectural firm Laavu, and grab your slice of the holiday season-or roll up your sleeves let Sister Pie inspire you to make your own with Ludwinski's three tips to creating a choice crust.

1. Keep it cold. "Make sure to use cold tools and ingredients. You can even throw your pastry blender and bowl into the freezer for 10 minutes before making the dough," says Ludwinski. "The idea behind this is that you want the butter to stay as cold as possible and retain its structure so that when you throw it in a hot oven, the fat bursts-and that's how flaky layers are born."

2. Don't overwork. It's tempting to knead the dough too much, but try to avoid it. As soon as it comes together and can be flattened into a disc shape, it's ready to go. After a 30-minute rest in the fridge, it'll have settled a bit and will be easier to work with.


3. Be real. We're all about the butter. Use the good stuff.

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