UPDATE: David Alan Grier will not be the first Black Colonel Sanders

olonel Sanders was known to be many things, but Black wasn't one of them.

That won't change anytime soon. Actor and Detroit native David Alan Grier tweeted that he would play the iconic KFC founder in their upcoming ad campaign, but it turned out to be just a joke.

The Cass Tech Alum tweeted the announcement this morning.

Last year KFC launched an ad campaign that casted former Saturday Night Live Comedians Darrell Hammond and Norm MacDonald to play Sanders in its television ads.

Fortunately, Grier won't be the first black man to take on the role of Colonel Sanders in a KFC ad, since that choice to take on the role would be a controversial one.


KFC has released suggestive commercials in the past. In 2014, KFC's South African division released a commercial (which was later removed from the company's You Tube channel), featuring a South African girl having trouble adapting to her new home in Bangkok, Thailand. In the commercial, an Asian classmate approaches the girl while licking her fingers, then proceeds to take her to the local KFC restaurant.

And KFC isn't the only fast food chain that been under fire for commercials that sometimes cross the line between well-intentioned hilarity and cultural insensitivity.

You may remember the 2012 Burger King ad featuring Mary J. Blige belting out the ingredients of Burger King's crispy chicken snack wraps. The ads were initially released online, but after criticism that the commercial was racist for having a black woman espouse the delights of eating chicken, the fast food chain pulled the commercial from its YouTube page, citing "licensing" issues.

Sure, those 11 secret herbs and spices undoubtedly make KFC's chicken Finger-lickin'-good, but the fried chicken-loving stereotype isn’t so "light-hearted" when corporations are profiting from it.

We're not jumping to conclusions that a Black Colonel Sanders will yield racist commercials, but the company doesn't seem to have the greatest track record.

Despite being reported by multiple news sources, KFC tweeted that they are "big fans" of Grier, but he will not be the new Colonel Sanders.

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