Watch University of Michigan Glee Club sing Black pain

We’ve witnessed countless speeches, articles, and social media posts on injustices in the Black community, but the Glee Club of the University of Michigan has found a unique way to convey the feelings of the struggle.

With “Seven Last Words of the Unarmed,” a multi-movement work that delivers awareness of racial injustice, the university’s Glee Club — one of the oldest choral organizations in America – becomes one of the first of its kind to perform on a platform of racial inequality.

The trailer above digs into your soul, building an instant connection with the heavy-hearted chorale. Lyrics like “why are you following me,” “Mom, I am going to college,” “stop shooting,” and the last words spoken by Black male victims of discriminatory violence before being killed — such as Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo and Michael Brown – are delivered by strong voices that convey the pain of the past but espouse faith in the future.

You can watch the Glee Club’s performance at 8 p.m. tonight on Detroit Public Television or online at

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