We Are Culture Creators is Where Young Detroit Artists Mingle

culture creators

We Are Culture Creators is a media arts collective and label featuring some of Detroit’s best young talent. The Creators house is filled with musicians, photographers, filmmakers, producers and others, founded by Michael Reyes, Liz Stone and artists Supreme Flows and DeMaciiio in 2013.

Last spring, WACC held their first public event, called Y2K, meant to celebrate the culture in the decade between 1995 and 2005. Hundreds of guests showed up along with supporting brands. 

“We keep pushing ourselves to do more and more,” Reyes says. Along with an array of events and showcases, they’ve since added commercial curation to the mix, building relationships with brands like Sony, Red Bull, the Mo Pop Festival, Movement and others. WACC also provides arts and entrepreneurship education for young men of color – where it all started.

“There’s a synergy in Detroit right now that we are capturing,” Reyes says, curating for a population of Detroit that’s ignored – young millennials of color. “We Are Culture Creators is a magnet,” he adds. WACC is fearless in their pursuit of art and artistic experience.

Joining is simple. Reyes says, “just be around us and help us.” Instead of waiting for big brands to find their artists, over the next few months they’re expanding projects to Chicago and New York. 


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