As we get ready to celebrate Black History month in a few weeks, there’s no better time to pick out a great new book by a Black author. This January, readers will have plenty to choose from because while the weather outside is pretty frightful in almost every corner of the country, curling up with a good book is a much cozier option than being out in these Detroit streets.

Here are some of the books by Black authors we have on our reading list this month.

1“Queenie: Godmother of Harlem” by Elizabeth Colomba and Aurélie Lévy – January 17

“Queenie” is historical graphic novel inspired by the real-life story of Stephanie Saint-Clair, an infamous criminal and a Harlem legend. Saint-Clair came to New York from Martinique in 1912, eventually finding success as a ruthless queen of Harlem’s mafia and a fierce defender of the Black community.

2“Relations: An Anthology of African and Diaspora Voices” Edited by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond – January 17 

“Relations is a collection of stories, poems and essays from brilliant writers from African and across the diaspora. This beautifully edited work tackles issues of love, spirituality and identity from the Black perspective.

3“Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes” by Stephen A. Smith – January 17

One of the most recognizable faces in sports media, Stephen A. Smith has never had any problem telling it like it is. And in “Straight Shooter,” his highly-anticipated memoir, Smith tells his story of growing up poor in Queens and overcoming an undiagnosed learning disability to host his own show on ESPN. And, of course, he doesn’t miss a chance to give readers his take on Colin Kaepernick, the Dallas Cowboys and even Donald Trump.

4“River Sing Me Home” is Eleanor Shearer

“River Sing Me Home” is Eleanor Shearer’s gripping debut novel about a mother’s journey across the Caribbean to find her stolen children in the aftermath of slavery. The Guardian called the book “a moving and dynamic novel,” and says Shearer writes in “clear, energetic prose.”

“Ice Cream Man: How Augustus Jackson Made a Sweet Treat Better” by Glenda Armand – January 17

5How to Human: Three Ways to Share Life Beyond What Distracts, Divides, and Disconnects Us by Carlos Whittaker – Jan 23

A much-needed reminder about what it means to be truly human in a world where people feel increasingly disconnected from each other and from God, by the popular author of Enter Wild.“Carlos has created an antidote to what ails us.

6“The Davenports” by Krystal Marquis – January 31

Set in 1910 Chicago, “The Davenports” tells the story of the Davenports, a wealthy family headed by William Davenport, a former slave who establishes himself as a successful entrepreneur.

7Memphis, Martin and the Mountain Top by Alice Faye Duncan.

This award-winning book will help kids understand the life and legacy of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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