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Monday, April 15, 2024

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First HBCU-Linked Research Center’s Underway

The Defense Department plans creating a research center at an HBCU to take advantage of the immense talent pool of Black STEM students.

Snapchat Gives $125,000 to Black Creators

Snapchat launches a new program that will give 25 Black content creators support and other resources to help them get the recognition they deserve.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Used Images of Black Men for Target Practice

The chief of police in Farmington Hills, Michigan who admitted that his department used targets of Black male images at their shooting range is admitting to the act and...

Life Expectancy Lowest Among Black Americans

The life expectancy of Black Americans has improved in recent years — but continues to be lower than that of white people.

Cooking with Que: Main Dish Mac & Cheese

First things first, I don’t make regular Mac N Cheese at my house anymore!  Did you hear that? None. My family doesn’t even request it.  They expect my Vegan Mac...