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BMe Grants $230,000 to Vanguard Awardees 

The BMe Community is announcing its annual award to Black leaders whom they call BMe Vanguards. The award is given to Black people whose service and leadership have earned...

Chris Rock and Dwayne Johnson Decline Hosting the Emmys

The Emmys are having a tough time finding a show host after the debacle at the Oscars earlier this year. Dwayne Johnson and Chris Rock declined.

$11M Open for Minority Developers

Ebiara is a new fund that will support minority-owned real estate development firms in Detroit with capital and other resources.  According to the Detroit Free Press, the fund will serve...

Shattering the Mask of Masculinity

Dr. Eddie Connor talks about his journey, his bout with cancer as a teenager, his continued success, toxic masculinity and his upcoming book “The Mask of Masculinity.”

10 Books Politicians Don’t Want You to Read

Republican lawmakers in nearly every state in America have proposed legislation aimed at removing critical race theory from classrooms. However, these bills are usually focused on erasing authentic American...