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Aaron Foley

Detroit Media Needs to be Just as Hard on M.L. Elrick as They Were on Mike Duggan

When Duggan ran for mayor, he was bombarded with questions around whether a white man could represent a majority-Black city. Are local reporters going soft on their former colleague, Elrick, already – or is it too early to say?

Queer Detroit vs. Everybody: The Struggle to Support Detroit Hip-Hop as a Gay Man

A constant criticism of hip-hop has been its homophobia, and even as society progresses, many in the genre still seem to be stuck in the hate-filled past.

Chief Craig, Please Stop Going on Fox News

Is Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s recent appearances on Fox News actually helping the city?

A Year After L. Brooks Patterson’s Death, Oakland County Gradually Moves Out of His Shadow

The Oakland County of yesteryear is burdened by racism, but under the tutelage of a new executive, the county is determined to move into a more inclusive future.

Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones Needs to Grow Up

Jones was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives at just 21 years old, but the grace period for youthful daze is over.