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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Arianna Smith

Largest 3-D Mural in the Nation Finds a Home in Detroit

Last week, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice unveiled yet another first for the city of Detroit and for the nation--a trend that everyone likes to see picking up...

The Life of Colin Powell: From military to politics to philanthropy

Yesterday, the United States lost a long-time civil servant and a man that has stood for decades as a voice for the more moderate facets of the Black community.  Colin...

Tony Whlgn Creates a New Watch for Shinola, and it’s awesome.

Everyone wants to feel like a kid again, which is why nostalgia is king, more so when it’s delivered to the masses in a creative, relatable, and high-class format....

Fly, Full-figured and Fabulous–The Queens of Miss Full-Figured USA

In an ideal world, beauty would have no standard and contests set up to ‘judge’ beauty wouldn’t uplift only a certain pattern of pretty while claiming to be objective...

The Tech Revolution will not be Televised, it will be Developed.

Detroit is once again the site of something that can’t be seen or found anywhere else, not including the people. Apple--yes, that Apple--has opened the first ever American installation...