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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Will Black Investment in Crypto Close the Racial Financial Divide?

When it comes to Black participation in cryptocurrencies, people like to point to numbers from a Harris Poll showing that 23% of African-Americans own crypto compared to 11% of...

Snowfall Superstar Angela Lewis Is A Detroit Girl At Heart

Hustle is the one thing that every D-girl has in common. Actress and television star Angela Lewis is no different. She represents Detroit at the highest level on and...

Jump Into a Late-night Coney Island Diner Adventure with “Coney Island”

Credit the Photographer: Ray "Trilogy Beats" Rogers In Michigan, especially in urban cities like Detroit and Pontiac, Coney Island restaurants aremore than just late-night diners or hotdog joints. They’re the...

BLAC Artist of the Week: DJ Drummer B

An acclaimed member of the second-generation of Detroit’s techno community, DJ Drummer B specializes in techno, electronic, and soul music. He produces dynamic electronic music that appeals to audiences...

BLAC Fridays Best of the Rest: Lynching Is FINALLY A Federal Crime, Plus The Slap.

As earth dwellers like you, we know about The Slap. It’s taken over so much of this week’s online discourse that to not address it immediately would be ridiculous....

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