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Cannabis Terpenes What They Are and How They Work

What are cannabis terpenes? Cannabis terpenes are terpenes that are found in the cannabis plant. They are responsible for the unique smell and flavor of each cannabis strain. Additionally, cannabis...

President Biden Proclaims June as Black Music Appreciation Month

June is Black Music Appreciation Month, and this year, President Biden has declared that it will be a time to celebrate the profound and powerful impact that Black music...

BLAC Artist of the Week: Jason L. Ford

Jason L. Ford is an artistic gem in the City of Detroit. Over the last decade, Ford, also known as “Squeeze” in the community, has amassed a powerful body...

Method Man Brings His Own Cannabis Line to Michigan

The cannabis industry is forecast to grow to $30 billion by 2025, and Method Man wants a piece of the pie for his community. The cannabis entrepreneur is set...

A Travel Necessity: Detroit Mom Launches Carry-on Luggage Set

Rodnesha Ross, Curator of Pray Hustle Slay, knows a thing or two about travel. As a Detroit mom and businesswoman, she’s traveled to over 15 countries and knows the...