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Cornelius Fortune

A Look into Detroit’s Afrofuturism Movement

Many Afrofuturists believe that Detroit can lead the narrative on the future of black folk, but can Afrofuturism really point the way?

DJ Rue Bounces to Her Own Beat

Erin Rue talks the love of music and finding her footing in a man's world.

The Cochrane House is Your Home Away From Home

The luxury inn opened last year in Detroit headed by sisters Francina and Roderica James.

BLAC Legends: Rory Gamble

Bringing – and keeping – people together has been his role since joining the UAW in 1974. Now that the political ground has shifted, the organization is finding new ways to communicate with its members.

The Best Comedy Spots in and Around Detroit

Get out and laugh a little at these local comedy clubs and bars.