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Chari Bong'osa

Chari Bong'osa is a prolific Content Writer who loves to study Human Behavior and translate it into the world we live in. She believes that we can change the world by working on our relationships with each other and ourselves. When she's not writing, Chari is reading on psychology or spending time with her kids.

5 Tips For Self-Improvement that Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Relationships are dynamic, ever-evolving entities that require effort and attention to maintain. Personal growth and self-improvement are among the most vital aspects of a healthy, happy relationship. When you...

How to Regain Intimacy After It’s Lost

Any couple can experience a loss of intimacy in their relationship. With patience, understanding, and effort, you can rebuild the loss of connection with your partner.

4 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship

You might be thinking that your relationship is fine, but these signs will tell you if there’s something you should reconsider.

How to Find Love Outside of Dating Apps

Dating apps can make it easier to meet new people, but getting outside of them and meeting people in the real world is much more rewarding.

Finding Love as a Recently Divorced Black Woman

It doesn’t matter whether a divorce was amicable. People never get married with the intention to get divorced. No matter who you are, it can be a bit of a challenge to find love after getting out of a relationship where you had both promised each other a happily ever after.