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Desiree Cooper

Detroit Poet Tommye Blount’s Full-Length Collection Selected as Finalist for the National Book Award

Detroit life features prominently in Blount’s ‘Fantasia for the Man in Blue.’

For Mothers, Remote Labor has Thrown the Relationship Between Work and Life Off Balance

The shift to working from home has moms everywhere struggling to separate family and business.

Remote Learning May Offer Black Grosse Pointe Students a Relief from Racially Charged Microaggressions

Former and current Grosse Pointe students say the environment is ripe with racism.

When Hope and Prayer Fail to Comfort, We May Need to Arm Ourselves with More than Just Black Power

Amid increasing racial tension, maybe we should consider packing prayers – and heat.

What the First Half of this Ludicrous Year Has Taught Me

So far, 2020 has delivered crucial lessons on patriotism, young people and hair care.