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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Desiree Cooper

One Aunt Jemima Family is Torn About Quaker Oats Ditching its Problematic Pancake Mascot

The great-niece of one of the actresses who played Aunt Jemima – Maud Woodfork McElroy – lives in Southgate and says the role afforded her great-aunt opportunities in a time when Black women had few.

Trauma is Passed from One Generation to the Next, but so Too is Resilience

We have the spirit of survival in us; we will overcome.

Black Women: Holding Families Down for Generations with Chewing Gum and Mother Wit

Passed down from our ancient foremothers, “mother wit” is where practicality meets spirituality.

‘Choice Words: Writers on Abortion’ Presents the Truth of Women’s Experiences

A new book by Annie Finch delivers abortion stories from some of our most loved writers.

Stop with the “Black People are Immune to Coronavirus” Nonsense

We may be magical and all that – but we’re still human.

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