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Monday, October 2, 2023

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Desiree Cooper

The Silly Gooses That We Are, We Flew North and Now We’re Stuck with the Winter

Don’t believe the sunshiny hype. Spring ain’t here yet.

With Interracial Relationships, We’re Down for the Swirl When it’s Good for the Black Girl

Black men are far more likely than black women to marry outside of the race – and more likely to get married period. Is it time for black women to expand their search for love?

As We Enter a New (Election) Year, the Future of Our Nation Could Rest on Black Shoulders

Passivity isn’t going to cut it if things are to change in 2020.

When Taking Yoga While Black, Finding Your Peace Can Be Stressful

Microaggressions and feelings of exclusion when doing yoga in white spaces has got us bent out of space.

Managing the Triple Threat of Being Black, Queer and a Senior

Over 65,000 LGBTQ seniors live in Michigan alone, and black members of the community are likelier to face discrimination in health care and senior housing, and isolation.

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