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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Desiree Cooper

‘Hood Feminism’ and its Inclusive Take on the Women’s Rights Fight

When the white, middle-class idea of women's rights just ain't seasoned enough.

Detroit Proper: Guard As We May, Negative Messages Seep In

Examining the power of words to penetrate, settle in and forever effect how you see yourself – and others.

Detroit Proper: Title X and the Fight for Women’s Health Issues

Planned Parenthood is in a fight to keep the federal funding that so many low-income men and women depend on for basic reproductive and sexual health care.

Detroit Proper: With Community, Sorrow is Easier to Bear

Science Gallery Detroit prepares for its second "The Science of Grief" public event on March 27 at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Detroit Proper: New Book Explores Tales of the Power (and Courage) of Black Women

Desiree examines Bill Harris' latest book, 'I Got to Keep Moving.'