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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Darralynn Hutson

Rapper Vic Mensa Launches Illinois’ First Black-Owned Cannabis Brand

93 Boyz is Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand and the first to pair top-shelf genetics with a mission of giving back.

Reasons Why Black Women Should Have More Sex

Here are several surprisingly rich reasons why Black women should have more sex: to improve health, focus and longevity.

These Women Leads The Research On Racial Trauma

We firmly believe that all Black women require some sort of therapy or coping mechanism for the constant racial trauma inflicted on them day after day — that includes...

Nichelle Nichols’ Impact on Black Sci-Fi Characters

Here are some of the brilliant Black characters of sci-fi that have grown since Nichelle Nichols’ Lt. Uhura hit the screens.

Black Women Rejoin Workforce as Recession Hits

Already more likely to be locked out of the labor force, Black women are rejoining the workforce just as the next recession is hitting

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