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Friday, August 12, 2022

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Darralynn Hutson

‘Stock Da Bar’ Vodka Tonic Mix  | BLAC Happy Hour

In this episode of BLAC Happy Hour, we had a taste for vodka, how about you? Our supreme vodka of choice is SDB, 'Stock Da Bar,' Vodka. Released on...

We’ll See More Gun Violence and Incarceration in Wake of Court Decision

Black Americans will likely see more gun violence and incarceration in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to limit gun restrictions.

Beyoncé Releases ‘Renaissance’ with Jay-Z and Grace Jones Collabs

Beyoncé has returned after six years after releasing “Lemonade” with her latest solo album, 16-track album “Renaissance.”

BLAC Watch on TV this Week

We've curated a BLAC list of Black-character and Black-centric TV Shows to check out this weekend. Get to watching.

The BLAC “Nope” Review

Even if Nope has a bigger budget and harder to decipher plot than Jordan Peele’s previous two films, it will still have you on the edge of your seat at attention...

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