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Frenchie Davis

Travel: Beyond the ‘All-Inclusive’ Resorts of Cancun, Find Adventure

When in Cancun, don’t be afraid to go beyond the resort walls, in fact be emboldened. Plan to get beyond the same food plans, the watered-down rail alcohol and take advantage of the time you have away.

Frisk It or Risk It! Says 2X Breast Cancer Survivor Shay Sharpe

I know we don’t want to talk about it, but let’s talk about it anyway. I call on you to break out the breast! That’s sort of what I...

Travel: It’s Colombia not Columbia…Vamos!

Imagine walking into your Airbnb and having a hammock waiting for you looking out into the Caribbean Sea. Mouth dropped. Que music, drop the luggage. Quick! Hurry up and...

Zanzibar: The Black Paradise

Zanzibar: think of the bluest waters, romantic wildlife, and indigenous foods and spices that will force you to abandon your American diet.

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