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Greg Bowens

Greg Bowens is a National Contributing Columnist for Blac Media based in metro Detroit. He’s also a public/media relations professional, political consultant, civil rights activist, co-founder and past president of the Grosse Pointes-Harper Woods NAACP Branch.

Award Worthy Film and Album Straight Out of Detroit Remind Us Black is Still Beautiful 

🔥 Hot on our fall list: Donyale Luna's docu & BLKBOK's ‘9’. 💖 Celebrating black brilliance, from high-fashion runways to soulful melodies.

Two Raisins in Trump’s Jailhouse Oatmeal

Floyd & Kutti: Trump’s only Black co-defendants. Explore their remarkable stories and roles in the ex-President’s legal saga. 🔒👨🏿‍⚖️

From Detroit to Jackson: Black Judges Are Being Judged Unjustly  

Are Black judges really getting a fair trial in America's courtrooms? Discover the concerns and call to action in our latest feature.