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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Jackie Jones

Michigan Opera Theatre Prepares for an Unconventional Season

The show must go on, with socially distanced seating and a remixed venue.

Science Gallery Detroit Sets Up New Exhibit, FUTURE PRESENT

The Detroit Month of Design exhibition imagines the future of design.

Welcome to Cider Mill Culture, Where You Can Day Drink on Acres

Traditionally touted as family fun, many are flocking to cider mills to escape the city and have a grown-up good time.

Sydney G. James Gifts Detroit with Another Gem

The Detroit artist is preparing to start work on a new mural that reimagines one of history’s most famous paintings while paying homage to the North End and Black women.

Senator Kamala Harris is Eligible to Be Vice President

Some are using the constitution to fuel race-based attacks on the vice presidential candidate’s eligibility.