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Jackie Jones

Out of Office: Regina Ann Campbell

If you’re tapped into Detroit’s Black Excellence, then you’ve most likely heard about Regina Ann Campbell. For years Campbell worked on various Detroit entrepreneurial and revitalizing projects. From 2014...

‘Black is King’ is Not Your History Lesson

Despite the symbolic references to African culture and religion, Beyoncé’s visual album is art – not history.

Group Responsible for the Livonia Racial Profiling Billboard Charges Ahead

The controversial billboard garnered neck snaps, hand claps, eye rolls and headlines, but Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives says the real works starts now.

Teens Organize an Overnight Occupation for Jailed Black Student “Grace”

Black Lives Matter in All Capacities organized a sit-in at Oakland County Children’s Center for the 15-year-old infamously jailed for not doing her homework.

How I’m Learning to Wade Through My Childhood Trauma

Parents are imperfect people, and if left unaddressed, the hurt caused in childhood can show itself in the way we move through the world as adults.