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Jasmine Espy

‘The Inner Workings of an Untamed Mind’ Centers Self-Care and Healing

This handcrafted poetry book by Danni Little lets readers into her personal battles and encourages them to face their own.

Freelancer and Filmmaker Jasmine Espy Shares Her Battle Over Hidradenitis Suppurativa

After years of frustration and misdiagnoses, Espy got control of the debilitating skin condition. Now she’s chronicled her journey in a documentary, ‘My Gold Lining.’

‘R&B Empress’ Lay’na Michelle Recounts Her Steady Climb

The rising singer has waded through trauma toward happiness and triumph, bringing her fans along or the ride.

ForHer Cosmetics Founder Alyssa Space Teaches Kids the Makeup of Makeup

The founder of the vegan, cruelty-free brand wants us to remember the science behind the beauty.

Bernita Bradley on Insecurity in ‘The Girl in the Alley’

The author and founder of Enroll Detroit has turned her pain into purpose.