Jasmine Graham

The Chip Bag Project Repurposes Chip Bags into Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

Founder Eradajere Oleita says she wants to continue adding resources that will make the homeless more comfortable – and provide opportunity.

Chelsea Patterson Took a Tragedy and Turned It into a Business with a Cause

Noa’s Wings is a faux eyelash company named in honor of owner Chelsea Patterson’s daughter, who died before birth due to complications from Turner Syndrome.

This Native Detroiter Wants to Use His Cannabis Brand to Promote Health and Wealth

Tre Hobbs says it’s about more than just getting high – he wants to empower his community.

The Scarab Club Introduces a Black History Month Art Exhibition

Curated by DMJStudio owner Donna Jackson, this first-of-its-kind showcase underscores the complex beauty that is the Black experience.

Saxophonist Saxappeal Introduces a New Project and Recalls His Rise

LaDarrel Johnson’s third album ‘Black Gold’ is meant to remind Black folks of our greatness.

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