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Friday, August 12, 2022

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Jasmine Graham

Create the Perfect Staycation

It’s springtime and the thought of a vacation is at the top of our minds. Somewhere with consistent sunshine, activities and great food and dranks! But with COVID rearing its...

Big Ben Takes Shot at Making Mark in Detroit’s Cannabis Market

Our beloved Pistons legend Ben “Big Ben” Wallace is back to make his mark in Detroit in a new way. He has signed an exclusive cannabis licensing agreement with...

Detroit Sound Conservancy: Blue Bird

The Detroit Sound Conservancy (DSC) is celebrating their 10th anniversary. In celebration, they are giving us an inside look into their biggest conversation yet: The Blue Bird Inn. In the...

Fitness: Detroit Industry Leaders

Detroit is known for many things: cars, music and food. But, Detroit has more to offer than meets the eye. Over the last few years, Detroit has taken health...

HER Way: Shantera on Life and Creating an Experience for Black Women

Shantera L. Chatman is a powHERhouse in the corporate world and beyond. As the president of PowHer Consulting, founder of HERWay Retreat, founder and executive director of the Chatman...

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