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BLAC Artist of the Week: Brian Nickson

Brian Nickson, known artistically as B. Nick, is a modern-day superstar artist from Detroit. Like many vested creatives, this Eastside-born acrylic artist started his artistic journey at five years old....

Walk Through the Life of Malcolm X in Detroit Opera’s Staging of “X”

Detroit Opera announced the premiere of its staging of “X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X” on May 14, 2022 with additional performances on May 19 and 22,...

Snowfall Superstar Angela Lewis Is A Detroit Girl At Heart

Hustle is the one thing that every D-girl has in common. Actress and television star Angela Lewis is no different. She represents Detroit at the highest level on and...

NBA Legend Gary Payton and Hennessy Has Some Unfinished Business

“Small businesses are critically important to the culture of their communities, but these business owners have faced so many barriers, particularly in recent years,” said NBA legend Gary Payton Gary...

Lanasia Angelina Coaches Ambitious Professionals to RISE

There is power in professional coaching. The coach-mentee relationship is one which every community changemaker is familiar with. But, whom can one trust to help them take their professional...

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