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Jim McFarlin

Black in Hollywood

Recent years have seen culture-conscious voices behind the scenes translate into a more authentic, fully realized representation of black life in front of the camera. Still, recognition for our achievements on screen continues to lag.

Comedian Mo’Nique Prepares for Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit

The controversial Queen of Comedy chats with BLAC before she takes the stage in Detroit on Thursday, Jan. 23.

Popular Detroiters Create A Black Music Month Playlist

What else but music can as easily shake awake a party as it can those butterflies that fluttered for your first love? Then there are those songs that transcend the individual experience to reverberate within the whole of black culture.

The Life and Legacy of Judge Damon J. Keith

A tribute to the judge who never stopped fighting — for civil rights, fairness and equality for all.