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Kaye Byrd

Why Every Black Woman in Michigan Should Be Concerned About Texas

I was just a toddler when Roe v. Wade was signed into law. In my lifetime, I have only known reproductive freedom that rightly afforded me agency to make...

Race War: A Look at Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is an academic movement that has recently gained widespread attention because of its framing by some Republicans and conservative groups in restricting the teaching of America’s...

A Means to Motherhood: Breaking Down IVF

This year, while we honor the already mothers, we want to also remember the hopeful mothers-to-be who may be considering assisted reproductive technology, especially in vitro fertilization.

Signs of Autism, and Resources for Families

Because early detection is key, Dr. Tisa Johnson of the Henry Ford Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities teaches us what to look out for – plus resources for families already dealing with a diagnosis.

Subscription Service Goodpluck Delivers Fresh, Local Produce Right to Your Door

Owner Chening Duker’s Ghanaian roots influence his commitment to a connection to food and local farmers.