Mark Gilman

Quickbooks Survey Shows Pandemic has Driven Black Businesses into Further Medical Debt

Recent Intuit Quickbooks Business Health Survey findings do not paint a bright picture for Black businesses dealing with healthcare issues.  One of the starkest findings was that more than...

Detroit’s McCrimmon Says Continued Racial Incidents in Hockey are More a Heart Problem than a Hockey Problem 

Jason McCrimmon is thankful.  Thankful that there are more minority players in hockey than ever before.  Happy that he has the opportunity to sell hockey in his hometown of...

Etsy Diversity is Driving Traffic and Investors to a Site Which is More than Trinkets 

Hedge funds usually generate some pretty intense yet risk-reward returns over the long run and it's not for the faint of heart.  And while we typically think of stocks...

Agencies Working with Hispanic Businesses Hit Hard by the Pandemic

The pandemic has not been kind to businesses in every demographic and industry category, but a study from the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs and the...

Study shows Latino-owned Businesses are Thriving

The growth and future of Latin-owned businesses continue to look bright, according to a new report on Latino entrepreneurship from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  The school’s 7th...

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