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Nick Pizana

Curating Culture: The Charles H. Wright Museum

During this celebration of the African diaspora, what better way to honor what Black history means to the city of Detroit than to check in with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History?

App Plain Sight Connects Entrepreneurs to the Business Community

Developed by Detroit native James Chapman, the app aims to help business owners connect with new and existing customers – and their fellow entrepreneurs.

Photographer Bre’Ann White Shoots to Capture Black Beauty

The artist says she ‘stumbled into’ photography, but her striking images have captured worldwide attention.

Hyper-Realistic Artist Bakpak Durden Says Art Isn’t Only for the Elite

Picking up oil painting just a few years ago, the artist’s work is emotive, lifelike – and inclusive.

Dream Rich Exclusive Art Museum Combines Art and Fashion

The Dream Rich brand opens its first brick-and-mortar offering artists a place to showcase and sell their work.