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Nadira Jamerson

Queen Amina Teaches Mindfulness and Manifestation Through Neurographic Art

Queen Amina is a painter and visual artist who draws “self-satisfaction.” She focuses on neurographic art — an art form that connects psychology and creativity through active mindfulness. BLAC spoke...

Shantell Martin on the Future of Art

Multidisciplinary, multimedia artist Shantell Martin debuted last May 7 to June 4, 2022 a site-specific installation with Subliminal Projects, a multi-use gallery focused on artistic exploration created by Detroit...

Digital Artist Talks Reigniting Your Spark

JoeLius DuBois talks how he has managed to keep his artistic passions alive through the pandemic and through his long years as an artist.

Culture, Identity, and Hair: Understanding How Alopecia and Hair Loss Can Be an Emotional Subject

Will Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s untimely joke at the Oscars brought even more light to a condition that many people may not have been aware of before —...

“60 Days In” Star Relives the Suffering of Inmates with Autoimmune Diseases

Inmates are often ostracized from society after they are labeled “criminals.” Many people look at jails and prisons as justifiable punishments for unwanted acts, instead of thinking of jails...